International Shipping

that is available on the top page. Note, however, those machine translations may not be accurate and we cannot guarantee quality of those services. Please chat with us in English by Email.

Major countries are covered for delivery by our delivery companies. Please ask us for delivery charge if your destination countries are not mentioned in our Shipping Rates.

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STEP 01  Shopping at Pusat Jual Store International Shipping Services site:
We are currently available only for those who deal with us in Blackberry  Messenger, email(, or SMS (+62 83831848245).
Buyer who don’t leave any information will not be considered.
STEP 02  Order acknowledgement and payment
Shops will email you an acknowledgement of your order with a total cost (cost of product and shipping charges).
Please check your order and make payment by acceptable credit cards (PayPal) or Western Union.
STEP 03  Shipping notice and tracking number
Shops will verify your credit card and email you a tracking number when your order is dispatched.
STEP 04  Delivery of order
Your order will be delivered to your designated address. Please pay customs duties and taxes
(if applicable) directly to the delivery agents upon delivery.


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